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41 Ways to Find Real Estate Investment Properties

Sleuthing for Properties
The ways to bird dog for real estate and find properties are endless.  Use your imagination and you will be rewarded.  The best ways to start are by putting ads in the paper and on, driving through neighborhoods, putting out signs, sending postcards, etc.  Look for sellers whose properties have been seized or foreclosed, tax sales, corporations, nonprofits, disinterested heirs, probate attorneys, and private auctions.  Look for distressed sellers in addition to distressed property (divorce, probate, moving, loss of income, etc.). Market yourself as an investor.  Good marketing does two things: first, it makes people aware of your product; and second, it gets them to take a desired action (for example, calling you).

Here's where your imagination comes in. Make a marketing plan! Sit down and brainstorm about the things you like to do, and see how those activities can be used for marketing. Make a specific plan - "I will make ten calls on properties per week" or "I will choose a team this week". Every so often change your plan a bit and try some new methods. Don't rely on one or two methods to do the trick. Market in as many ways as your time and money will allow. Don't worry if some property locating plans don't result in immediate prospects; often, the role of marketing is to plant a seed that will sprout some time in the future.

To get you started, here are some ideas for you on places to either locate properties or market your business (my Real Estate Bird Dog Blog has more info on each of these):

  1. Auctions - eBay, etc
  2. Bail Bondsman
  3. Bandit Signs
  4. Bank REO Departments
  5. Billboards
  6. Bird Dogs (ones you recruit yourself or partner with)
  7. Bulletin Boards
  8. Business Cards - Distribute business cards everywhere - Free at Vista Print
  9. Career attire (Polo shirt with embroidered "I Buy Houses" logo)
  10. Condemned properties
  11. Direct Mail Marketing
  12. Door hangers
  13. Driving for Dollars - Look for FSBOs, Vacant and Abandoned Properties
  14. Estate Sales
  15. Fire damaged properties
  16. Fliers
  17. Foreclosure Auctions
  18. Government Records - City or State surplus properties
  19. HUD, FannieMae, FreddiMac & VA houses
  20. Landlords who are evicting a tenant
  21. Landlords with properties for rent
  22. Legal Newspapers
  23. Listings - Call FSBO ads in the newspaper,,, etc.
  24. Local Newspapers - Place a "We Buy Houses" ad in a local newspaper (major daily)
  25. Magnetic car sign
  26. Moving Sales
  27. Network - Professional, such as real estate investment clubs, dentist, attorney
  28. Network - Social, such as friends, families, neighbors, etc.
  29. Out of area owners
  30. Pre-Foreclosures - get a Notice of Default List - RealtyTrac, etc.
  31. Properties with outstanding building code violations
  32. Properties with outstanding health code violations
  33. Radio Ads
  34. Realtors and the Multiple Listing Service - "Must Sell", "Motivated Seller", drastic price reductions, expired listings, etc.
  35. Service Workers (Mailmen, Meter Readers, UPS Delivery, etc.)
  36. Shopping Newspapers - Place an ad in The Little Nickel, Pennysaver, Thrifty Nickel, etc
  37. Tax sales
  38. Television Ads
  39. Title Insurance Companies
  40. WebSites -Your Own Websites (Go to Wordpress Blog Marketing Strategies to see how you can build your own blog, very easily)
  41. Yellow Pages

Every so often change your tactics a bit and try some new strategies. Don't rely on one or two methods to do the trick unless you are having a smashing success with them. Test as many ways as your time and money will allow. Don't worry if some methods don't result in immediate prospects; often, the role of marketing is to gain exposure and contacts so that you can find motivated sellers that want to work with you.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

How to Become a Successful Real Estate Birddog and Property Locator

Real Estate Property Locators

How to Become a Successful Real Estate Birddog

There's loads of wealth to be obtained in real estate investing, wealth that many individuals, maybe including you, are anxious to be a part of. You may assume that the only strategy to be a part of this wealth is to have lots of money to start out with, along with plenty of experience.  Most individuals presume that investing in real estate takes a lot of money and involves a high degree of risk. I’m here now to tell you that this isn't true.

My primary real estate birddog blog contains a ton of step-by-step lessons and articles on how to discover investment properties and turn them into profits.  I uncover all the steps you should follow in order to find undervalued properties and then find investors to "sell" them to - and get paid for doing it.

As we go through this (also known as property locators or property finders) course, I am going to share with you all the steps you need to know on how to locate properties and turn them into profits (without using any money).  We will go through all of the steps that I have uses to find undervalued properties for sale and then find real estate investors to hand them off to – and get $$$ for doing it.

In these free lessons you will find out:
  • That real estate is one of the best forms of part-time investing
  • That you need to stick with a specific investment tactics
  • That you can become a real estate investing expert in a few months
I am sharing a lengthy series of lessons for learning how to invest in local real estate and these methods works. We are going to start of with how to begin as a real estate bird dog and then progress to a bunch of other real investing strategies.

These methods work, it doesn’t matter if you're young or old, male or female, comfortable financially or just saving for a first purchase. These methods will work anywhere in the United States and probably anywhere in the world. Over the last fifteen years, I have learned these strategies from the my mentors, have tried many of the strategies myself (but not all of them), and now I am sharing this knowledge with you so that you can benefit.

These strategies will work if you understand and apply what you learn. As you go through these lessons you will discover certain methods you like better than others. It is key for you to become aware of all the different strategies – you won’t have to use all of them.  Don't fret; it's easy to learn. The majority of people that fail at this are those who don't follow through and take action.

You may not understand all of the lessons. That’s okay, as you gain experience and knowledge more and more things will start to click You do not need to be an expert to start. The important thing is that you do start.

However, first we need to go over some basics on what it takes to be a real estate property locator.

For those of you new to the idea of investing in real estate, there are three basic rules that real estate investors follow.

Different investors have totally different names for these three principles, but basically they are:
Finding it, Funding it, and Farm it.

1.    Finding Real Estate

All real estate investments or deals should begin with a product, which in our case means a property.  You can't do anything in investing with no property, such as a house to buy and then sell.  You have to have a product that someone is willing to sell.  More on this later, but a property locator is somebody that locates homes or other types of properties (apartments, multifamily units, etc._ for real estate investors.

2.    Funding Real Estate

After you have located a house/property that a home owner wants to get rid of somebody has to pay for it.  For bird doggers, most of whom have little or no money, purchasing the property is out of the question.  As a bird dog, your job is to find other people, such as real estate investors, to purchase the property you have located.

Later on, as your abilities develop and you have learned more, you'll learn that you can find your own sources of money.  However when you are just starting out, you will focus on discovering someone that has money to buy the property.

3.    Farming Real Estate

For a bird dogger this means that you go out and find buyers for the properties you locate.  These buyers will take the property over and ultimately find another purchaser for the property.  They might promote it to a different investor, keep it as a rental, or sell it to someone that wants to live in it.

How Real Estate Bird Dogging Works

Property locating is one way to get your foot in the door of real estate investing.  It is a good way to use your interest in real estate to learn more and make some money.  And when you do it correctly, it’s risk free, requires little or no money, however it does involve time and effort.   Investors will usually pay you a finders fee for locating houses for them to purchase! Once you find a property that meets their standards, some traders may have you do some fundamental research on the property after which you present them with the information that you collect.   The more upfront work you do, the better the reward you should count on to be paid.

Some real estate investors will ask you to search out out information about the condition of the property, approximate market value, the current proprietor(s), what it may cost a little to fix the property up, etc.  The amount of work you do (gathering research, etc.) all depends on YOUR relationship with the investors you are working with. After gathering all of this data, you then provide it to a real estate investor and in the event that they end up purchasing the property, you receive a payment.

Reasons for Becoming a Real Estate Bird Dog

Discovering properties is a fantastic approach to earn extra cash for those with out cash or credit, as a result of you'll be able to succeed in real estate investing.  Discovering properties is perfect for single or stay-at-home moms, individuals with flexible schedules, retirees, college students, or anyone else that may could a few extra bucks. 

Even if you are employed full-time you'll be able to search for properties in your spare time and refer the properties you locate to investors. It’s simple and there are such a lot of benefits!

  • You'll be able to earn quick profits.
  • There’s no money required…just hold your eyes and ears open.
  • You'll be able to learn many other aspects of real estate investing by working with experienced buyers.
  • It can be an excellent extra source of earnings for part-timers, students, retirees etc.
  • There’s no employment agreement.
  • You can begin in your spare time…work at a pace you want.
  • You will discover out if real estate investing is really for you before spending a lot of money or "investing" hundreds of dollars on books, programs and other courses.

So, as a real estate bird dog your sole job is to locate quality leads to refer to real estate investors who in turn will reward you for your work.

I hope you have enjoyed this short introduction t How you can Get Going as a Real Estate Bird Dogger.

For one heckuva lot more information on property locating and real estate bird dogging please go to my blog at where I have dozens of articles posted

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The Real Estate Bird Dog Profits is Back


We're back.  Bird dog profits was off line for a while due to Google's obstinances, but  we are almost back.

Until we can start posting content here please visit my main real estate bird dog training blog.

Thanks and check back soon.